Friday, January 31, 2014

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XpReSsEd bY Hayatie Hashim at 7:47 PM
FOR SALE: Handphone Accessories for Samsung Galaxy, Iphone

Woot2. Ada lagi new stuffs for phone accessories for sales. Tak sempat lagi nak sorting and detail satu2. Sapa berminat boleh inbox. Murah2 punya kasi perabis. Heheh!

 Power Bank 15000mAh; RM130

 Silicon Transparent (Flip Style) Note 2; RM15/pc

Silicon Transparent Note 3 (Flip Style) RM15/pc

Screen protector for Samsung, Iphone

Jeans Flip cover Note 3

Back casing Note 2

Flip cover Note 2, Note 2

Travel charger (high capacity)

Transparent cover iphone

 Interested email me at hayatiehashim@yahoo for very cheap-cheap price ..hihi! Do e-mail twice if i'm not respond to your e-mail (kadang-kadang line internet bengong!)


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